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Freedom of Movement and Measuring

freedom of movement and measuringFreedom of Movement and Measuring

One of the most common childhood milestones used by adults to initiate conversation is walking. Despite the progress that infants make every day, such as opening their eyes, recognizing people, or turning their heads in the direction of familiar voices, gross motor skills (walking, rolling over, etc.) seem to be the favourite subject of these conversations. While it is impossible to ignore the sense of accomplishment on a child's face as they take their first steps, we try to rush their child to this milestone and end up ignoring the importance of crawling to their child's development.



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Emmi Pikler and Principles

emmi pikler thConcepts and Practices of the Pikler Approach

The principles of Dr. Emmi Pikler's approach to raising healthy babies: This approach is based on renowned Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler's research into gross motor development and emphasizes treating babies with respect, i.e. telling them what you are going to do before you do it encouraging them to participate in their own care and supporting them to solve their own problems.


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